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Lineox™ LIFF - the complete Linux documentation collection

Over 900 MB of easily searchable Linux documentation, including the complete Linux Documentation Project in HTML format. Can be installed as a WWW server add-on, and browsed with any browser on any operating system.

What is LIFF?

Liff (n.)
A common object or experience for which no word yet exists.

From The deeper meaning of Liff (A dictionary of things that there aren't any words for yet) by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd.

LIFF (n.)
A searchable complete Linux documentation collection that can be browsed with any WWW browser and if installed to a Linux machine with WWW server, it can be browsed from any operating system. LIFF will be integral part as documentation center of soon to be released Lineox Linux operating system versions.

Raimo Koski, CEO of Lineox.

LIFF menu structure - what LIFF contains

LIFF contains documentation included in various programs included in Lineox Linux. These are grouped according to their type in two levels. At the left You can see upper level groups like Amusements and Applications. If You click at upper level group, a submenu with subgroups opens.

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Program groups

LIFF uses the same structure for its menus for program groups as are used to classify RPM packages. The current upper level groups are:

  • Amusements
  • Applications
  • Development
  • System Environment
  • User Interface
  • Below these there are various subgroups.

    If You click on any subgroup, this frame will show a list of programs that subgroup contains. If You click on program name, the frame below will show information of that program package as displayed by command rpm -qi <program name> If You click on text "browse" left to a program name, a new browser window will open showing the contents of documentation directory of that program.

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    HTML Documents

    You can find HTML documents also as a part of program documentation but HTML Documents category contains documents that are not usually packaged as a part of Linux distributions. HTML Documents contain the following subgroups:

  • HOWTO's, mini-HOWTO's, and LDP books from Linux Documentation Project
  • Info and man pages converted to HTML format
  • Red Hat and Mandrake manuals
  • This category contains 435 MB in uncompressed format, HOWTO documents contain almost 77 MB, LDP books 32 MB, info pages almost 110 MB, man pages 69 MB, Red Hat Manuals 119 MB, and Mandrake manuals 28 MB.

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    LIFF CD-ROM can be used to browse documents it contains, but the search function doesn't work unless LIFF is installed to a Linux machine with Apache WWW server and htdig search engine installed.

    LIFF utilizes transparent compression extension of ISO9660 CD-ROM file system supported by Linux kernel 2.4.14 or later. Note that if you are using Red Hat 7.3 with its original kernel, you need to upgrade the kernel to use LIFF.

    Thanks to transparent compression we were able to put almost 1.8 GB of files on LIFF CD-ROM. Of these more than 900 MB are documentation files, the rest are index files used by search function. The LIFF menu structure files need only 6.5 MB of files.

    LIFF installation offers an option to install LIFF to hard disk but still utilize transparent compression. Installed this way LIFF needs only about 690 MB of hard disk space. Normal hard disk installation consumes 1.8 GB of space.

    There is also an option to install LIFF to run from CD-ROM. This installation method consumes no hard disk space, but You must have LIFF CD-ROM mounted always when You use it. This method is great way to evaluate LIFF and You can then later install LIFF to hard disk.

    If You want to use LIFF without Linux, You must first install LIFF to a Linux WWW server You can access from Your machine through network connection.

    If You wish to purchase LIFF, You can order LIFF CD-ROM from Lineox.

    There is a separate search help which is available from any page that includes search function.

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