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Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 2.1

Lineox Enterprise Linux 2.1 is compiled from sources available from Lineox Enterprise Linux 2.1 is NOT affiliated with, produced, maintained or supported by Red Hat, Inc. in any way. The only packages that were altered are redhat-logos and anaconda.

A Reliable Linux with Long and Reliable Support

The initial reason why Lineox made Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 2.1 is the long support in the form of updated packages. Because the software is GPL licensed, the source code must be released and it is possible for technically competent person to compile it to binary form. Lineox has made this process automatic and offers binary updated packages as a part of service that automates also solving package dependencies.

Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 2.1 has the following errata policy:

  • Full Support (including hardware updates): to November 30 2004
  • Maintenance Support: to May 31 2009

    Most Linux distributions are made of packages, which contain also information about what other programs or libraries that particular package needs to function. These dependencies can be quite difficult to resolve by a human, but that was the way it was done earlier in rpm based distributions if you wanted to update or add new software. It is no longer any news that there are more modern package managers like apt-get and yum which can resolve dependencies automatically. You just have to have a repository, which offers the packages and a database with information about package requirements.

    Lineox has added to Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 2.1 both of these advanced package managers and offers updates from both atp-get and yum styles of repositories. Also the base distribution is offered from both styles of repositories, so if you have either apt-get or yum set up (comes as a default if you have installed Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 2.1) you can just decide what package or program you wish to add or update and the rest will be automatically handled.

    While there are hardware support updates for Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 2.1, it is already old and lacks, for example, support for SATA and over 128 GB IDE drives. Also new display cards are not well supported. As a rule of thumb, if your PC is built after 2002, choose Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 3.0 instead.

  • "Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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