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Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 DVD-ROM

Lineox™ Enterprise Linux 3.0

9.90 €, shipping 2 € for first, 0.50 € for each additional disk. Priority mailing.

Introduction to Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0

Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 is a versatile and highly adaptive Linux distribution, suitable for workstation and office use as well as for high-end servers. For servers, Lineox Enterprise Linux contains advanced server, cluster suite, developer suite, and other tools. The office users are provided with the Open Office suite, user-friendly GUI environments, an extensive collection of Internet and productivity tools, and entertainment software. And because of the exceptional pricing, even the home user can enjoy the high-end features of Lineox Enterprise Linux.

Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 does not contain any support. Lineox is however offering program package updates for free for a limited time and later as a paid subscription.

There are also mailing lists provided by Lineox, where users and even Lineox employees can help other users.

Lineox, Inc. plans to provide binary package updates for Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 as long as updated source packages will be available. Lineox, Inc. will however charge a fee for this service at a later date. At first, this service will be for free.

Many service providers and consultants offer support for Linux products. You might find one quite near to you. See the Linux Consultants Guide on-line version or the off-line version found in LIFF.

Lineox has also plans of providing different support options, but we can't hope to match the network of some 1 800 consultants the Linux Consultants Guide lists.

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Lineox Enterprise Linux DVD-ROM contents

Besides the base distribution packages, Lineox Enterprise Linux DVD-ROM contains much more software. The most important subdirectories on the disk are:
Lineox/RPMS.extras and Lineox/RPMS.fedora
OpenOffice 1.1.0

Lineox/RPMS.extras and Lineox/RPMS.fedora

These directories contain extra packages, which can be most easily installed using either apt-get command line package manager tool or synaptic, the graphical front-end to apt-get. Synaptic is located at System Tools->Synaptic Package Manager in the launcher main menu.

Before Synaptic knows what packages it can find from DVD, you must register it. Choose Actions, Add CD-ROM...

The advantage of apt-get is that it resolves package dependencies automatically. In other words, if you wish to install package foo, which needs package bar to function, but you don't have package bar installed, apt-get notices this automatically, reports that you also need package bar, and offers to install it too for you. Apt-get can also be used to install packages from apt-get repositories found on the Internet.

You can also use apt-get to install more Lineox Enterprise Linux packages and they are listed in the pre-compiled apt database on DVD.

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OpenOffice 1.1.0

If you want to install just OpenOffice 1.1.0, open OpenOffice/index.html for further instructions, or preferably, open directory OpenOffice with Konqueror web browser and file manager and click on the appropriate icon.

OpenOffice Setup Guides are also available in various (14) languages if you would like to read more thorough instructions.

After OpenOffice installation, you might want to install Spelling, Hyphenation, and Thesaurus Dictionaries for OpenOffice.

You might also find Samples and Templates for OpenOffice handy.

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This directory contains packages which can't be installed with apt-get. That is because they are intended for expert users.

The 2.6.0 subdirectory contains Linux 2.6.0 test11 kernels and various packages needed to run it. You should install or upgrade all non-kernel packages and the appropriate kernel for your CPU architecture.

The Wonderful World of Linux 2.6 explains more about what to expect from the new kernel.

The openMosix subdirectory contains openMosix Linux 2.4.22 kernels and some tools useful with openMosix kernels. openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image clustering which turns a network of ordinary computers into a supercomputer. You can read more about it at

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Installation guide

Lineox Enterprise Linux DVD-ROM contains installation guides for the x86, Itanium™, and AMD64 Architectures in HTML format and in PDF format.

Lineox Inc. also offers a printed installation guide for Lineox Enterprise Linux, which can be ordered from This is the only printed Linux manual you will ever need if you use Lineox Enterprise Linux. The next chapter explains why you don't need other manuals. The reason you need Lineox Enterprise Linux installation manual is that while installing, you can't use your computer for other tasks like reading electronic documentation.

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[Lineox Linux LIFF logo]

Lineox Linux LIFF

Lineox Linux LIFF - the complete Linux documentation collection - can be browsed from the DVD after you have installed Lineox Enterprise Linux. You also have to run the LIFFmount program located in the root directory of the disc or you can also mount LIFF.iso manually. Note that LIFF.iso is a CD-ROM file system image that utilizes transparent compression supported by Linux kernel 2.4.14 or later.

If you install LIFF (run LIFFinstall from root of DVD), you can search this vast collection of documents for keywords in seconds. LIFF contains almost 1.8GB of files compressed to the size of a normal CD-ROM. About half of this space is needed by index files used by the search function. You can however install LIFF as CD-ROM image file which needs only 690MB of hard disk space, thanks to transparent compression. Among this vast documentation collection you will find:

  • Installation, administration, reference, security, configuration, and developer guides that can be applied to Lineox Enterprise Linux. Together, these guides contain 2 772 printed pages! Yet they consume only 119MB of 900MB of total space used by documentation files in LIFF.
  • HOWTOs, mini-HOWTOs, and LDP books from the Linux Documentation Project
  • Info and man pages converted to HTML format
  • All documentation included in various programs included in Lineox Linux

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